Our Story

Hi, I'm Ayeshah, Aussie based mom to beautiful and spirited triplet toddlers.

Our journey has been full of love from other beautiful multiple families, we have been so grateful for this support and are excited to contribute to the world of multiples through our own little home grown venture, Miracle Multiples.

Our brand, Miracle Multiples offers twins, triplets and their families unique and custom designed clothing you can't find in stores. Each combination is lovingly designed to help celebrate the bond of multiples while allowing each to show off their own style and individuality.

All our products are 100% cotton, ethically sourced and printed in Australia. We strive for best quality under the most reasonable prices.

We welcome you to our little world of Miracle Multiples and hope you find something you love for yourself, your children, a family member, or a friend.

From our house of Miracle Multiples to yours !

With Love,

Miracle Multiples

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